Sprinkler System Repair in Spokane Valley

Enjoy a like-new sprinkler system with Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems. We are the top-rated sprinkler system repair company serving Spokane Valley and the surrounding area. We provide a complete range of services to inspect, repair, and maintain your sprinklers so that they perform to their maximum potential. Save time, save money, and hire us to repair your sprinkler system.

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Full-Service Sprinkler Inspections

A quality repair starts with a quality inspection. Here at Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems, we’re proud to say our inspection services are second to none. We combine time-tested techniques with the latest investigative equipment, putting your sprinkler system through a thorough stress test. We check for all signs of damage, all signs of wear and tear, and any inconsistencies in water pressure. That way, we can make sure our repairs are effective, comprehensive, and sure to last. It’s a diligent approach we take—and it’s what secures better results for our customers.

During the inspection, we will test:

  • Water pressure
  • Sprinkler head placement
  • Hoses and pipes
  • Zone valves
  • Controller box conditions
  • Wiring and electronics
  • Spray patterns and zoning

We leave no stone unturned in our inspections. It’s how we deliver superior repair work. And a superior standard of service.

Comprehensive Sprinkler Repairs for Better Performance

What’s the recipe for our success? It’s no secret: It’s a combination of experience, expertise, and craftsmanship. We take pride in our work. We take pride in meeting our customer’s needs and delivering solutions to their problems.

Our sprinkler repair services have been developed with those needs in mind. We work hard to not only get your sprinkler back to working condition but also enhance its performance. We work hard to extend its lifespan, restoring it so that it works like brand-new.

Our repairs come backed with extended warranties and a satisfaction guarantee. For any components that need to be replaced, we use only OEM-standard products, which we know will last. Rest assured: When we repair a sprinkler, we do it right. We guarantee it.

Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems: Any Sprinkler, Any Repair

As a sprinkler repair company, we can take care of any possible problem your sprinkler system may encounter. From hose damage to broken rotor heads, we can fix it all. We have the tools, equipment, and technical know-how to take care of it all.

We can help with:

  • Hose repair
  • Rotor heads
  • Electronic repairs
  • Leaks
  • Poor water flow
  • Valve repair
  • …and more

We service all types of sprinklers, including rotor, manual, automatic, soaker hose, and more. Businesses, homeowners, property managers: All can depend on our sprinkler repair services.

For Fast Sprinkler Repairs, Choose the Best in Spokane Valley

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For timely service, quality workmanship, and money-saving solutions, we are the team to choose. We’ve helped countless property owners get their sprinkler system back to perfect working condition. We can do the same for yours too.

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