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Wooden Deck Construction By Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems

Quality Wooden Decks

If you have a front or back yard that needs a bit of brightening up, a classic wooden deck is a great choice. Not only will you get years of enjoyment out of it when you host family events or set up a comfy lawn chair to relax in when you need some alone time, but you’ll be making a real investment. Did you know, that the construction of a deck will add value to your home? You can make 70% of the original cost back!

While there are many options for decking materials, a wooden deck is tried and true. It’s effective, and long-lasting. If you want a classic look, it is the best option. There are also many options for customization with different colors in terms of wood and stain, and textures as well.

No Headaches With Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems

For all you DIY-ers out there, take a break and let us do the heavy lifting. When you delegate to us, you will get beautiful results without the headaches. We have the experience and knowledge to come up with ideas and deck plans you may not have thought of otherwise, and access to great, affordable materials!

Benefits of a Wooden Deck

Benefits of building a wooden deck include:

  • Cost
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Durable

Wooden decks are more affordable due to their staying power. Vinyl decks have a shorter lifespan and rack up expenses over the years. If you use salvaged lumber with your deck, you won’t just be recycling but you will also have some history in your yard!

Wooden decks are durable and have infinite options for customization. For tried and true results, we recommend this build.

Design Options

When you hire a deck contractor you will have access to their experience and imagination. At Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems some options for you to consider include:

  • Platform
  • Raised
  • Two-Story
  • Multi-Level
  • Freestanding

You’d be surprised at how decking can flow in even the smallest yard. Your build is only limited to your contractor and when you contact us, you won’t have to compromise.

The Process

At Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems our process is divided into four sections. The initial meeting, pre-build, the build itself, and post-build. You’ll be kept in the loop throughout the build so the deck is completed up to your standards, and when we’re finished we will assess it so that it is up to the city’s standards as well.

Our Guarantee

Our guarantee to you is detail-oriented and affordable service that will be complete in an efficient timeframe. You don’t have to be concerned about being left in the dust when you hire Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems.

Call us today to get in touch with someone at Elite Hardscapes & Water Systems. We’ll come to your home and survey your property to provide the best quote. Best of all, if you are uncertain, the quote is completely obligation-free. We look forward to speaking with you!

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